They're one of the leading retailers in the world, but Fashion Nova has found itself in legal trouble with Playboy. It seems like social media users can make it 24 hours without seeing something from Fashion Nova, especially considering they're made ambassadors of chart-topping artists and Instagram models. These partnerships have helped propel the brand forward, but as popular as they are, they aren't without controversy. Versace sued the brand for allegedly copying a dress worn by Jennifer Lopez and they were investigated for underpaying their workers. On Tuesday, it was also reported that Fashion Nova is being sued by Playboy for allegedly duplicating Playboy's bunny costume.

Playboy, Fashion Nova, Costume, Bunny
Robert Bertoia / Stringer / Getty Images

"Playboy takes its brand seriously and makes the defense and enforcement of its renowned trademarks, including PLAYBOY, the RABBIT HEAD DESIGN, and the BUNNY COSTUME®, a cornerstone of its efforts to ensure that when consumers see the Playboy marks, they can expect the associated goods or services to have the backing of Playboy," reads a statement from Playboy on Businesswire.

On the Fashion Nova website, the costume in question is named "Bunny of the Month" and bears a striking resemblance to Playboy's look. According to Playboy's statement, they reached out to Fashion Nova and told them to stop selling the bunny costume, but they continued. "Playboy was forced to take legal action against Fashion Nova today based on Fashion Nova’s unauthorized marketing and sale of multiple versions of Playboy’s iconic BUNNY COSTUME®...  Playboy considers the defense and enforcement of its celebrated trademarks of paramount importance in protecting its customers from those who wish to knowingly profit from deception and confusion."

It's unclear what damages Playboy is seeking in the lawsuit.