A lot of people bought an Xbox One at the beginning of this console generation, not worried about missing out on any exclusives like The Last Of Us, and mostly just in it to play 2K and the new Red Dead Redemption. These people were doing fine until about a year ago when Marvel's Spider-Man was released exclusively on the PS4. It's a tough position to find yourself in, between spending $400 on a new console just so you're able to play one game or just not playing the game and agonizing over trailers and reviews that praise the satisfying physics of the game's web-slinging.

If you're one of these people, agonize no further, or at least, agonize only half as much. Tomorrow is Black Friday and that means that all sorts of stuff you don't need (but you really want) is on sale for prices that seem really good but are still pretty high. If you don't mind waking up at whatever ungodly hour and pouring money into your computer or, even worse, going and doing it in person among all the other fanatical shoppers, there are some great deals. Exhibit A: a PlayStation 4 Slim 1TB and a copy of Spider-Man is selling for $200 even. That's a lot less than the usual price for the bundle (over $300). See a full list of similar deals.