Earlier this afternoon, it was ruled that none of the police officers involved in the shooting death of Breonna Taylor would be charged with homicide. Only one of three officers, Brett Hankinson was actually indicted on three counts of First Degree Felony Wanton Endangerment. The other two, Myles Cosgrove and Jonathan Mattingly, were not indicted.

Plies Breonna Taylor

Rick Diamond/Getty Images

Given that many have been actively voicing a desire to see all three officers charged with homicide, not to mention the racial tension that has been boiling over throughout the United States, the city of Louisville has been entirely on edge. Following the hearing, the hashtag "Burn It Down Louisville" began trending on Twitter, prompting fears (and even hopes) that further violence would ensue. 

With many, including several prominent voices in the hip-hop community, having shared their opinions on the matter, Plies made sure to add his own take to the chorus. Known for his straightforward and no-nonsense commentary, the Florida rapper raised an interesting point surrounding the timing of it all.

"Don't be a fool this decision on not charging the officers (in my opinion) was intentionally put out at this time to influence the election!"" he writes, on his Instagram page. "U waited this long why not wait until after the election!!!! U hoping it cause violence so it can be used as a political tool!!!" In his caption, he doubles down on his assessment: "Ain’t None Of These Moves Accidental!!!! At ALL!"

Whether or not you agree with him, his words of warning are there for your perusal below. Rest in peace Breonna Taylor.