PnB Rock Almost Fights Prankster For Scaring His Daughter

Angus Walker
October 01, 2016 23:45

A prankster attempts to stage an absurd Uber ride with PnB Rock. The stunt did not go over well.

Buzzing Philly singer/rapper PnB Rock, a recent selection for On The Come Up, was the subject of a hidden camera prank while in NYC with his young daughter. It's unclear exactly how Rock was set up, though a video shows him getting in what's meant to be a car service. After the ride begins, the driver -- who happens to be an online comedian who calls himself QueenzFlip -- asks Rock if he can put on some music. After Rock gives him the OK, the driver blasts 50 Cent's "Green Lantern," a 2002 mixtape track that finds him rapping over the beat to Eminem's "Till I Collapse." The driver raps along hysterically, to the point that it upsets Rock's daughter, which in turn, infuriates her father.

Rock gets out of the car, and the video then shows the aftermath on the sidewalk, where the guys behind the staged car ride attempt to explain they didn't mean to upset him or his daughter with the prank gone awry. Rock then hands his daughter to a homie and proceeds to lunge at the driver with his fists raised. It looks like the scuffle was diffused before any punches were landed, though Rock clearly feels that the prank crossed the line.  

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PnB Rock Almost Fights Prankster For Scaring His Daughter