Since the inception of the Pokemon series back in 1998, fans have come to love Game Freak and Nintendo's bizarre and brilliant brainchild. Now, 807 Pocket Monsters later, the series has officially announced the next chapter: Pokemon Sword & Pokemon Shield. The new game, which will arrive later this year on Nintendo Switch, looks to be the most ambitious title yet, at least from a technological perspective.

With graphics reminiscent of the lovely Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild, Pokemon Sword/Shield is set to take place in the new, unexplored region of Galar. The trailer also happens to showcase the three starters: Grookey (grass), Scorbunny (fire), and Sobble (water). Director Shigeru Ohmori broke down their personalities, with Grookey being curious, Scorbunny energetic, and Sobble as somewhat timid.

With stunning graphics and a return to the beloved battle system, it seems likely that Sword & Shield will mark another hit for the series. Hopefully, those who seek competitive fulfillment will find themselves taken care of; while the competitive Pokemon scene is thriving, the games themselves have never implemented an effective means of setting up the favored 6 vs. 6 action. Either way, the idea of seeing Pokemon on the big screen should be enough to have even casual fans coming back for a return go. 

Check out the trailer above, and sound off. Any interest in copping this new Pokemon joint?