While Kanye West has no doubt braced himself for controversy in the wake of his album rollout, it's hard to believe he expected this. After a seemingly innocuous line in "Ye Vs. The People" drew the ire of Daz Dillinger, the Dogg Pound rapper essentially called open season on Yeezy. With a "Crips assemble" rallying cry, Daz encouraged anyone repping the blue to throw hands on Mr. West on sight. As Crips generally have little to no patience for even the slightest bit of disrespect, it's no surprise that Kanye West has taken legal precautions to protect himself. 

After all, the man has a wife and kids. Even the slightest possibility of violence should be taken seriously. While we already know Kanye West has filed a restraining order against Dillinger, it would appear that Police have turned their sights on the DPG icon. According to TMZ, the L.A. County Sheriff's Dept has taken an interest in Daz's threats, and are currently in the process of analyzing the video for any sign of a "prosecutable crime." Apparently, the cops have reached out to Kanye and his team, although the West camp has yet to respond.

Who'd have thought that 2018 would find Daz Dillinger threatening Kanye West with physical violence? Strange times. In fact, it seems like the West Coast isn't exactly feeling Kanye West these days. Snoop Dogg went in on him via Instagram, even sending shots at his wife Kim Kardashian. Nipsey Hussle threw up a picture of Yeezy during a "FDT" performance. Now, one of the West Coast's formative rappers is putting his freedom on the line in the name of gangland honor. Kanye's back alright.