The Polk County Police Department arrested over two dozen people as a resulted of a reported 16-month long sting operation. According to Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd, investigators confiscated a notable amount of evidence from the scene that included $88,000 in cash, $89,000 worth of jewelry, and $283,000 worth of narcotics and drug paraphernalia.

Bruno Vincent/Getty Images

Other than stating the facts of the arrest, Judd made a concerted effort to mock the suspects that were arrested. "That's right, they thought they were cool. Well, how cool are you today?" the Sheriff said during a press conference. "Can ya'll make a rap song about this? Well, I'll help you out," the sheriff continued while holding up pictures of the alleged drug dealers who were arrested. 

The Polk County Sheriff transitioned into holding seized jewelry that was confiscated during the sting as he continued to mock the alleged culprits., "We got ya gold, we put ya tail in the county jail," he mockingly rapped. The microaggressions didn't end there. He continued, "Think about that, brothas. You can call it the 'Bell Gang Blues' rap song. How about that?"

"You might think it's cool, but it'll end up with you arrested every time," Grady concluded during the press conference.

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