It feels like a ton of people have forgotten that there is a mysterious virus in the air killing people. After the recent civic unrest fighting systemic racism and police violence, some people have gotten back to their regular routine and forgot about why they were quarantined strictly for the last three months. Restrictions are being lightened across North America but that doesn't mean that COVID-19 has run its course. The deadly virus still exists and people will still get sick.

Polo G, one of the loudest voices in Chicago, spoke about everyone that stopped paying attention to social distancing and quarantining.

"Corona u dirty lyin bitch Where tf u been at???" asked the rapper on Twitter.

While it is seemingly safe to get back outside in a limited capacity, a second wave is inevitable and will affect a great number of people. There are still people who are immunosuppressed, or who live with people who are more at risk than others. Try and remember those folks when you head out and ignore all that we did to flatten the curve.

Polo G

What have you been doing since outside was opened up again? Or are you still holed up inside the crib waiting for a vaccine?