We cannot wait to stop hearing about T.I.'s 18-year-old daughter and her annual gynecologist check-ups. In one of the most shocking headlines all year, Atlanta legend Tip told podcasters that he always joins his daughter to her OB-GYN appointments to confirm with the doctor that she is indeed a virgin. The recording artist says that he asks the professional to verify if her hymen has been broken, which wouldn't actually prove anything. A report on several gossip websites last week stated that PornHub was offering Deyjah Harris a cool million dollars to lose her virginity on camera but, according to the Vice President of the popular adult entertainment website, that's completely false.

Prince Williams/Wireimage/Getty Images

An exclusive report by The Shade Room notes that PornHub has not actually been in contact with Harris regarding her debut in porn. "There is absolutely no truth to this rumor whatsoever," reportedly said Corey Price, the VP of PornHub. "It started as a photoshopped meme on social media and we quickly denounced it on Twitter. Let me be clear in saying this here, as well. Pornhub has not, and absolutely will not, extend any offer of any kind."

It's good to know that PornHub still has their morals in check. It would be pretty terrible to reach out to Deyjah after this embarrassing ordeal. The young lady previously "liked" a handful of tweets trash-talking her father for the revelation, also unfollowing him on social media.