New reports suggest that Hawaiians took to consuming a copious amount of porn in order to psychologically deal with the fact that a missile was supposed to strike the island. 

This all began after the state went into panic mode upon receiving a fake emergency alert that was sent en masse to the residents of the island, prompting many to fear for their lives. Forty minutes after the fact, a second alert was issued by the government confirming that the initial alert was false, effectively nullifying the rampant anxiety that spread throughout the state like wildfire. 

However, in between the time it took for government officials to properly address this egregious claim that took over the island like a wave, an abundance of Hawaiians spent their perceived last moments taking in the pleasures of adult entertainment. 

Pornhub released a new analysis that shows the website garnered a spike in visitors from the Hawaii region, comparing the data from the two previous Saturdays. Viewership plummeted in the time that the missile's supposed attack was first announced, which also saw a decline as time progressed before the second confirmation text was sent. 

However, as the graph below reveals, at 8:45 am, after Hawaiians had been notified of the falsity of the original alert, Pornhub page views began to surge, eventually outperforming the expected traffic levels by 9:01 am. 

Image via Pornhub Insights

The spike in viewership at 9:01 am was more substantial than any other point during that fateful day, showing how the final circumstance of the alert most likely had an impact on the sudden surge in Pornhub's traffic.