A while back, Lil B absolutely went off on a Twitter rant for the ages, targeting Post Malone in a bizarre string of tweets. Over the course of the exchange, the Based God referred to Post as "French Toast Malone," "a fake ass Rick Rubin," "Boo Boo Malone," "The Crying Buffalo," and, perhaps strangest of all, claimed that he was "Kim K thick." And while the Based God may have wanted to witness Post Malone wearing "booty shorts," perhaps some fantasies are better off kept secret. Regardless, the whole incident was surreal, and Post immediately assumed that Lil B was hacked. Evidently, the Based God was not, and was simply going off on one of his signature rants. 

In a recent interview, Post Malone was asked about Lil B's public air out slash compliment, and the "Rockstar" singer spoke about it for the first time. "I don't know what happened, cause Lil B has always had nothing but nice things to say," says Post. "It's a mystery, if he's hacked or if he's not, but Lil B is such a positive dude and I don't think he'd really talk smack. It was very out of character."

Post proceeded to claim that being a "white guy in hip-hop" was often held against him,  especially when he first entered the game. However, he seems to be getting a handle on the criticism as he evolves as an artist, and he claims his latest album will go a long way in silencing the haters. "With this last album I showed a lot of people who want to call me a cultural appropriator," says Post. "It doesn't bother me anymore that people question me. I just want to keep making the best music that I can."

For more from Post, check out the video in full. Lil B and cultural appropriation talks pops off around the 1:40 mark.