When you picture Post Malone in your head, you likely see him with a can of Bud Light in one hand and a cigarette between his lips. While he loves to get down on the weekend with a nice cold can of beer, the 24-year-old recording artist also has a refined taste for the finer things in life.

Today, he's announcing his most recent project, launching a French rosé called Maison No. 9.

Not many people would associate Post Malone with a relaxing glass of wine. However, the man has kept some secrets over the years and this must be one of them. 

The idea was established via a combination of Post Malone's love of the Mediterranean lifestyle and a best-in-class winery. The rosé will launch this summer through a partnership between the rapper, his manager Dre London, and his friend James Morrissey of Global Brand Equities.

"Rosé is for when you want to get a little fancy," says Post. "It’s a nice switch up and I have been thinking about doing my own wine for a while. It was great to work with Global Brand Equities because they saw the vision and we got to do some super cool stuff. Maison No. 9 goes down smooth, and you’re all going to love it!"

The high-quality, accessible rosé is made in Provence, France, where Posty regularly traveled last year in between tour dates. The affordable rosé was also worked on by Alexis Cornu, a medaled winemaker. 

Maison No. 9 was inspired by Post's favorite tarot card, the Nine of Swords, which represents the daily challenges that we all face. There's nothing a glass of rosé can't fix, right?

It will be available exclusively online and in stores nationwide beginning in June.

Will you be giving it a try?