In late August, Post Malone faced a slew of unfortunate events. The singer was involved in an emergency plane landing in late-August before he totaled his Rolls-Royce during a car accident in early-September. The rapper previously spoke about the emergency plane landing, but in a recent interview, he detailed exactly went down that day.

"I’m terrified of flying in the first place, so every time I get on a flight, I always try my best to fall asleep," Post Malone told Billboard.  "But, you know, this one was kind of -- I wasn’t tired, so we got on the plane, we took off. There was a sensor malfunction up front, so we had to turn around and land again."

Post Malone continued to explain that things began to go left after they took off for the second time.

"Right as soon as it took off, we heard just a big ass pop," he said. "And then shit started coming in from underneath the table and shit. This can't be good and I'm fuckin' freaked out. The flight attendant was like, 'Oh, it's going to be fine. It's alright. We just popped a tire...' And then she said we have too much fuel to land so we had to fly around for fuckin' three and a half, four hours."

Posty initially thought the incident was caused by a popped tire, but it turns out that one of the wings of the plane "blew in half." While people may have thought that the singer was overreacting, he assured everyone that "shit was scary."

Peep the interview below.