Post Malone has taken to Twitter to share a recent realization many celebrities have no doubt fallen upon in the past: don't google yourself. 

"Never googling myself ever again lol," says Post Malone. "got called a walking STD and a human sir bubble by 2 different publications. deleted safari after lol." For the record, he indicated that he meant "snot bubble," and not "sir bubble." Makes sense, as being called a "Sir Bubble" would be kind of flattering, as if one simply exudes chivalric values. Luckily, Post won't let the occasional naysayer rain on his parade. Like a Bud-Light fuelled guru, Posty closed out his tweet with a message of positivity for his fanbase. "if anyone is having a tough time keep rocking guys. never let anybody tell you shit. you are awesome."  

For all the publications out there, taking shots at artists in article titles remains, at least in my books, a dubious practice. Post is merely a man, and his ubiquity and persona hardly merit calling him actual mucous. Let alone cast aspersions on his health. The moral of the story is threefold. One, don't google yourself. Two, stay positive.