The Cowboys will be facing the Seahawks in the playoffs, and Texas native Post Malone thinks that his team will take the "W." The Cowboys have just as many haters as supporters due to their dominant run through the 90s. They haven't been dominant in years though. Tony Romo could barely lead the team to any playoff wins during his tenure, and now Dak Prescott will attempt to lead his team back to glory. The Seahawks are deadly in the playoffs though, so the Cowboy have their work cut out for them. 

  Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

TMZ caught up with Post Malone, and the "Better Now" rapper put his full support behind the Cowboys. "All my friends around there, I love them very much," started Malone. "We had a great year, and no matter what happens I'ma be proud of them. But, we're going to kick some ass, I know it for a fact, we're going to kick some ass. I know we're going to get it on and make some trouble. And, I'll see you at the Super Bowl. Let's get it on." The last time the Cowboys won the Super Bowl was in 1996, but this is the best they've looked in years.