Montreality put out the unreleased bits from their exclusive Post Malone interview, in which the singer/rapper took a moment to reflect on his musical inheritance of 50 Cent, labelling him a singer before anything else. He chose to infer that singing, unlike rapping, is not something that can be learned through osmosis.

Holding his cigarette like its a sacred object for most of the interview, Post gets serious when the conversation veers towards 50 cent. He refers to 50 as a "real legend," mentions him in the same breath as Joey Crack and other NY acts. Growing up in the Syracuse area, a NorthEast stronghold, where G-Unit basically dominated the airwaves for a good 4 year stretch. It begs the question whether enough people appreciate Curtis' musical instincts, and focus instead on his more heralded entrepreneurial side.

Check out the whole segment below where he also touches on the US Government, cartoons, video games, and other topics.