In the unlikeliest of circumstances, Andy Dick has revealed himself as a Post Malone fanboy. TMZ has obtained footage of Post Malone pulling up in his Lamborghini amidst a mob of screaming fans. As you can see in the video, Post Malone looked rather frazzled, his face tattoos resembling marker scribble from close range, as beads of sweat poured down his face.

Within the first couple frames of the video, you barely notice comedian Andy Dick approaching the driver side of the Lamborghini, but when you do, he's in the midst of becoming a human pretzel. Post Malone's bodyguard isn't discretionary about the safety of his client, no matter whomst is concerned.

This celebrity occurrence almost rivals the strange Chief Keef-Prince worship we witnessed yesterday, but on a more hostile note. Andy Dick, in a feat of strength, sticks around long enough to get a word in with Post Malone while the rapper's attention is diverted from signing autographs.

Thanks to the disturbance from Dick, Post Malone is afforded the chance to break away from the mob surrounding his car. In case you'd forgotten, Andy Dick made a name for himself on the short-lived Ben Stiller Show before moving onto network television roles, and his own segment on MTV.