Donald Trump is, at the very least, potentially the most polarizing figure that the United States has ever had occupy the role of President of the United States. While he is continually dragged in many forums, both public and private, for his often questionable communication methods and policy motivations, he has at least one supporter in the celebrity world in Suzanne Somers.

The actress/businesswoman dished on what she thinks of the President in a recent video interview with TMZ personnel and, surprisingly, she's all for what he's done in office so far. "I'm happy about him," she commented, summing up her feelings about 45 after opening the back-and-forth with a bemused response to the government shutdown that currently has key policymakers in the United States trapped in a sort of gridlock. However, it's not always easy being a Trump supporter for Somers, as she joked that, because she's made her support public, her "career is over." You can check out the entire video below.

Speaking of naming names, Trump finally revealed his picks for his "fake news" awards last week, with several well-known organizations receiving the dubious honor of making that shortlist. The “winners” were CNN, mentioned four times; The New York Times, with two mentions; and ABC, The Washington Post, Time and Newsweek all with one mention apiece. Fox News, unsurprisingly, came away unscathed in this particular fake news discussion, probably a first in their history.

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