Pras is caught in a peculiar legal issue after documents were filed accusing the rapper of laundering foreign currency through the United States. According to the entertainer, the allegations are founded through a racial lens. View a clip of his comments below.

"I think it's the fact that I'm Black," Pras said. "It's just the vibe, but you know what's interesting though is that they'll come after someone like me but won't go after someone who clearly murdered someone at some embassy."

Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

When asked to explain the allegations, the rapper responded in flat astonishment: "I'm a little confused too. I mean i know the guys obviously but it's like their making a movie right now. It feels like a movie with this allegation."

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"According to the allegations in the complaint, Michel and Higginbotham defrauded U.S. financial institutions and laundered millions of dollars into the United States as part of an effort to improperly influence the Department’s investigation into the massive embezzlement and bribery scheme involving 1MDB, said Benczkowski said, the Assistant Attorney General in New Jersey. "The Criminal Division and our law enforcement partners will do everything we can to trace, seize, and forfeit the proceeds of foreign corruption that flow through the U.S. financial system."