Pras Michel, one-third of the legendary Fugees crew, showed up to Manhattan Family Court on Monday (March 16) in a complete Tyvek Suit. The Haitian-American emcee was not attempting to be humorous in the event of this current national crisis but chose to wear the suit due to an intern at the courthouse who had tested positive for the coronavirus (COVID-19) last week. Prior to his diagnosis, the legal intern had spent a total of two weeks in the Manhattan Family Court's 60 Lafayette building without knowledge of being infected prior to getting accurately tested. With that said, the "Ghetto Supastar" rapper was taking no chances in his latest court appearance in regards to the $100,000-plus he owes his ex-wife, Angela  Severiano in unpaid child support

Pras Michel Wears Full Tyvek Suit To Court

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

According to The New York Post, the state of New York will temporarily discontinue new jury trials and postpone non-essential court functions in an attempt to contain the virus. As for Pras and his hazmat suit, he appeared in court on Monday to prove that he paid his ex-wife the $20,000 he had previously failed to show proof of payment for which resulted in his temporary incarceration. During the beginning of the proceedings, Judge Carol Goldstein noted the surreal scene, stating:

"Let me just put on the record. The father came to court head-to-toe in full hazmat gear, full booties, full outfit with gloves, hood and a mask." 

After relieving himself of his facemask, Pras was able to reveal to Judge Goldstein that he fulfilled his $20K child support payment in a total of three cash payments to Moneygram, which would, in turn, forward the funds to a collection agency for his ex-wife and their son, Landon. The New Jersey emcee produced the receipts in court providing proof of the payment. 

The judge found Michel's proof sufficient enough to allow him to return in May with proof of the next $15,000 payment. Pras originally owed Severiano a total of $127,000 in unpaid child support, he now owes a total of $102,000 after the judge subtracted an additional $5,000, according to Page Six

According to Severiano's attorney, Robert Wallack, "Angela still hasn’t received any money yet."

Following the court proceeding, Pras took to his Instagram account to flex on his haters while sporting his Tyvek suit, captioning multiple photos:

"I want to first thank NY family court for understanding my situation, but I want all the fake news and everyone to know I’m fully committed to taking care of my son and I Am not nor ever was a deadbeat dad."

Pras then went on to reveal that he flew across the country to make sure he appeared in court and detailed that his outfit wasn't a fashion statement but for his own and other people's safety, as he continued:

"I’m in my Chanel hazmat suit to assure the health safety of both me and people around the court."

Check out Pras' Instagram post stunting outside of the Manhattan Family Courthouse in a complete Tyvek suit in the photos provided below.