Pretty Savage Proves Why She's First Lady Of G Herbo's 150 Dream Team In "Banger" Freestyle

Alex Zidel
December 03, 2019 12:00

HNHH PREMIERE: Pretty Savage's confidence is on display in the "Banger" freestyle.

The city of Norfolk has been strongly in Pretty Savage's corner for years and now, it's time for the rising star to take her talents to the rest of the nation. She has already been recognized by G Herbo as one of the most promising female voices in rap; it's time for everybody else to take notice though. With the exclusive video premiere of her "Banger" freestyle, Savage is bound to turn heads and divulge a little bit more of herself to the people, opening up and flowing smoothly.


Noting that it only took her a few minutes to drop some knowledge on the "Banger" beat, Pretty Savage told us that she caught a vibe and went off how she felt upon hearing the instrumental. "I made 'Banger' one night sitting in my room. The beat was so wavy, I wanted to just say whatever came to my head," she told us. "It took me two takes to record it and be satisfied overall. I love the feeling of the song and the video just gives it a little more light!"

The First Lady of G Herbo's 150 Dream Team, Pretty Savage sees herself as more of a tomboyish figure in the rap game. She's always had male friends, considering her older brother as her best mate, and that all led her to develop her current swag and confidence. Watch the video premiere above and let us know how you're feeling.

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HNHH TV Pretty Savage Proves Why She's First Lady Of G Herbo's 150 Dream Team In "Banger" Freestyle