Following Prince's tragic death, there were reports that surfaced citing that the legendary singer suffered from a prescription painkiller addiction, and had in fact been treated for an overdose just days before his death. We still do not know the exact reason for Prince's passing though, although an autoposy has been completed, the results have not been released to the public.

Today news surfaces via an attorney who reportedly has extensive knowledge on the investigation into Prince's death. Apparently, he was supposed to meet with a doctor about his painkiller addiction one day after he was found dead, in an attempt to kick the habit. The report via Star Tribune says that Prince's team had contacted an opioid addiction specialist, Dr. Howard Kornfeld, on April 20th because Prince "was dealing with a grave medical emergency." Kornfeld had plans to fly out to meet with Prince in two days time-- April 22nd, however Prince passed on the 21st. 

The attorney says, "The plan was to quickly evaluate his health and devise a treatment plan...The doctor was planning on a lifesaving mission." The attorney's claims have also been confirmed by several other sources with insight in the investigation, Star Tribune reports. Dr. Kornfeld has yet to confirm this story or speak out on it, we'll keep you posted if he does.