Police officially closed a criminal inquisition into Prince's death this week. The next question on people's minds is the dispersal of Prince's estate, a body of work the artists guarded very closely during his life. It appears that Paisley Park Enterprises will unveil much more than a compendium of unreleased songs. Prince's poetry, journals and photos could also be rendered commercially.

Photos of his former residence obtained by TMZ reveal shelves and boxes full of secret material. It's unknown whether a testament of will, his family and his estate with instructions for their release or proper curation. The vault also contains recording equipment of value, and a large sum of cash.

Yesterday marked the 2nd anniversary of Prince's death. Many fans to Social Media to share in their devotion for the artist. Rare is it to witness such long period of bereavement for an artist several year's after his or her death. It really speaks to Prince's status as a "universally agreed upon legend." Whatever occurs with his estate, and hopefully it is done in good faith, will likely generate a ton of interest. The enigmatic figure is like Kanye, in the sense that fans will spend countless hours trying crack the code. Sometimes it's best to leave a separation between man and myth.