Prodigy and Rick Ross sit down to discuss ghost, voodoo, "Idols Become Rivals," and the impression left on him after he first tasted those savory lemon pepper wings. Paranoid Activity is a new video series hosted by Prodigy and released under Mass Appeal. Prodigy will dive into all things conspiracy related, and ask the questions we've all been wondering, such as who is involved with the rap industry’s boogie men, the "Illuminati."

When asked about his affiliation Ross summed it up perfectly, "To me it was like yo you mean if a nigga get a certain amount of money you got to say it was a spiritual being; the devil came and gave him the baggggg." Adding that once he heard those rumors he knew he had achieved a new level of wealth. Prodigy is no stranger to creating new ways to merge music and business with his passions, such as last year's cookbook featuring Prodigy's jailhouse recipes. It will be interesting to see who Prodigy brings on next as the series is sure to open many eyes and make us laugh.