The trend of white people calling the cops on people of color for no reason at all continues. At this point, it may actually be a good thing though. Week after week, stories of Black people having the authorities called on them for ridiculous reasons have become trending news. Most of the time, these people become a shining example of how not to act, and in the process, they lose their jobs. The woman who called the cops on the girl selling water? Fired. The man who called the cops on a woman and her son using a community pool? Fired. The employee who called the police on two men at Starbucks forced a company-wide shut down for racial sensitivity training. Let's also not forget BBQ Becky, who probably can't walk around in public after the memes of her calling police on a man barbequing went viral. It's like racists are shooting themselves in the foot, and we're enjoying every moment of it. 

Another racial incident has caused the person who called the police to lose their job. As reported by BuzzFeedErica Walker, a property manager at the Riverset Apartments complex in Memphis, has lost her job after confronting a Black man who was wearing socks in the pool. The man's girlfriend, Camry Porter, posted a video of the incident on Facebook. In the video, Camry, who goes by Kam on Facebook, explains that she and her boyfriend were at the pool with their godchildren. Her boyfriend was sitting on the edge of the pool watching the kids, dangling his feet in the water with socks on. Kam says Walker approached them after "constantly watching us and whispering amongst her friends," and asked her man to take his socks off. Walker cited pool regulation, which made sense. Kam had no problem with the pool's rules, until she realized that Walker's own friends, and several other swimmers, were also not following pool attire regulations. She also claims that she never had issues in the past when her boyfriend rocked his socks while swimming. At that point, Kam asked for some identification from Walker to prove that she was actually a manager at the complex. 

Walker refused to give up her ID, and instead told Kam she needed to leave. Kam, citing the fact that she pays rent, refused to leave the pool and so Walker called the police. The police, who were recorded and placed on Kam's Facebook as well, decided not to take any action. Kam decided to leave the pool anyway, and she reported Walker to the complex. Quicker than you could say "racial discrimination," Riverset Apartments hopped on social media to reveal they fired Walker. "To confirm, Ms. Walker was terminated immediately after we completed our investigation yesterday afternoon," wrote the complex on Facebook. Good riddance.