The 2017 NBA All-Star Weekend is right around the corner, and there are a ton of companies getting in on the action by releasing NBA-themed apparel. PUMA is the latest company to release All-Star sneakers in the form of two PUMA Clyde shoes – one for the East and one for the West.

Compared to some other All-Star Weekend sneakers, these are quite conservative. Both are on a mostly white leather base, with the stripe in alternate colors for each conference. The red ones represent the western conference while the blue ones represent the east. The silhouette selection itself is fitting, as their moniker is taken from NBA great Walt “Clyde” Frazier.

The PUMA Clyde East vs. West pack releases tomorrow at Footlocker, Champs Sports and City Gear for $75 a pair.

They recently got Big Seanon board, which is a huge win. Have PUMA’s recent signings and fashion moves improved the brand’s cultural clout enough for these to fly off the shelves?