Since My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy was released on November 22, 2016, it's been acclaimed as Kanye's comeback masterpiece. For Pusha T, the album marked his transition into becoming a solo artist, with a huge part of the mainstream population hearing him rap for the first time on the LP's hit single "Runaway."

Yesterday, to honor MBDTF on its sixth birthday, Pusha T posted a tribute to the album on his Instagram. Here's what it said:

"6 yrs ago today I was apart of one of the greatest hip hop albums ever. You invited me to Hawaii and said 'pick whatever tracks you love and write to all of them.' I got greedy, I stopped going to play basketball with you every morning and proceeded to write to 8 songs on your album. U kept me on 2, 'Runaway' which was your platinum single, and 'So Appalled' which put me on a song with you, Hov, Cyhi, Swizz, and produced by Rza. Thinking back on it, it really was all a set up. You were setting me up to be the solo artist I never saw myself as. So on the 6th anniversary of MBDTF and as the President of your label G.O.O.D. music I wanna say thanx for the endless opportunities you have brought to me. P.S. I think it's time we all head back to Hawaii @kanyewest ::whenever you ready:: #GOOD."

In Kanye's time of need, he needs wonderful encouraging messages like this. Shoutout to Pusha T. Check out his IG post below.