There are certain musicians that do not care much about pleasing the mainstream market. While it is always a goal to reach as many people as possible, some rappers do not necessarily target a top 40 crowd with party-favorites. Pusha T is one of those artists. His coke-filled rhymes and street anthems are favored by a specific crowd as he talks about slinging bags of blow on the corner. The G.O.O.D. Music staple has been one of many's favorite rappers for years as he proved his worth as part of Clipse before blowing up by himself. Charlamagne tha God managed to get his hands on an advance copy of Daytona and much like his previous work, he is saying that you'll need a certain level of life experience to fully understand Push's rhymes.

Posting a photo of the album to his Instagram, the Breakfast Club personality wrote that not everyone will love Daytona but the ones that will already know who they are. Charlamagne said, "Adult contemporary hip hop from @kingpush this ain’t for everybody!!! You have to be a certain age and have a certain level of experience to understand this kind of talk!!! This is for Mud made men who grew up on legends out of Yonkers!! #Daytona." While this was expected from the street legend, it's nice to see that Pusha isn't switching up the formula that has brought him success. 

With a Drake diss already confirmed on Daytona, all we need now is a plethora of references to crack cocaine, quality production, and Pusha being Pusha for another fire album. Daytona officially drops tomorrow.