Pusha T must’ve been one of the most busiest people this month. Between releasing Daytona and handling the other four G.O.O.D Music releases, he’s had a lot on his plate as the label’s president. After Teyana Taylor released K.T.S.E, which Push says is his favorite recent G.O.O.D Music release (aside from Daytona), she said an updated version of the project would drop. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen and Pusha T says that he caught an angry call from Teyana Taylor about it.

Pusha T spoke to Julie Adenuga on Beats1 about G.O.O.D Music’s recent five album run, a possible tour and more. The G.O.O.D Music president dished on Teyana Taylor’s K.T.S.E and catching an angry phone call from the singer. He claims she has “demoitis” which means she falls in love with her records to the point where she can’t hear it another way.

I caught one of them phone calls, you know T’s just really passionate man, she’s just really passionate… She can hit me up whenever, that can happen at 9am, or 9pm. I think when we spoke last it was about 11am.” He said. When Julie asked the Teyana’s tone, Push responded, “Oh no it’s never calm, Teyana doesn’t talk calm, she doesn’t do things like that, it’s ramped up. It may start off calm, it tries, and then you know. ‘Yo my n**** look, yo what you doing is you not listening to me, see you like everybody else, you not listening either.’ And I’m like yo T what’s wrong with you I’m riding with you, what’s wrong sis.”

In addition to Teyana’s album, Push also spoke on the possibility of a G.O.O.D Music tour. He said that it’s very much a possibility and that’s not even by his word but by Kanye’s.

Peep the interview below.