Of course, the big news from Pusha T's interview with Joe Budden has to be the revelation that he didn't get the information about Drake's secret son from Kanye West. The info was actually leaked by Drizzy's OVO brother, "Noah "40" Shebib," which will act as a major surprise to most. What is likely the biggest plot twist of the entire year is now being digested around the world by thousands of hip-hop fans but Pusha T also made another reveal on the show. We may have only received Daytona, one of the best albums of the year, a few months ago but the artist is already gearing up to release his next project.

Of course, people are talking mostly about the Drake angle but Pusha T is moving away from that energy, focusing on his follow-up album, which is being wrapped up as we speak. When asked if he would stop directing his energy toward Drake on any upcoming projects, Pusha T responded, "That's a fact. I'm finishing up my new album now. I'm off this shit, man." Push added that he's unsure if Kanye West will be producing the entire album this time around. He was supposed to be with him but, as we all know, Ye jetted off to Uganda to record Yandhi. "I'm just gonna see how this plays out," said Push.

There's not much information out regarding the project as its title, release date or tracklist are all unknown at this point. Hopefully, we learn more about the upcoming release as time moves on. Listen to the full podcast here and peep the exact clip via HHNM below.