The President of G.O.O.D. Music just released an album and it's what everybody is talking about right now. Alongside A$AP Rocky's Testing, Push and A$AP effectively took over the day with their high-profile releases and announcements regarding their pieces. With Kanye West as executive producer on Daytona, the project was bound to be successful from the jump and, at only seven songs long, Push believes it to be the perfect length for all of his future releases. With all of your favorite rappers bumping Daytona and singing their praises for the piece of work, Push is doing all he can to celebrate the release of his third studio album, unveiling a line of merchandise for his fans to promote the album.

Unleashing brand new t-shirts, hoodies and sweatshirts on his webshop, Pusha collaborated with the designer of Kanye West's popular The Life Of Pablo merch, Cali Thornhill DeWitt, to capitalize on some of his more quotable lyrics throughout Daytona. Plastering lines like "I'm Too Rare Amongst All Of This Pink Hair" and "Energized Like The Bunny For Drug Money" across a selection of shirts, Pusha's new merch has been made available on his website along with physical copies of the album.

Check out what he has to offer here and don't forget to give Daytona a listen. Do you plan on copping any of Pusha's merch?