During a Madden '19 tournament in Jacksonville, FL yesterday, a gunman shot up the event which resulted in the death of two people (including himself) and injured eleven others. Earlier today, there was more information that emerged about the shooting including the victims and the shooter himself. Timothy Anselimo, who's more widely known in the gaming world as Olarry or Larry League, was of the people injured during the tragic shooting. While he's been getting well wishes and prayers from many people both in the gaming community and offline, one of those people happened to be the G.O.O.D Music President.

Earlier today, OLarry sent out a heartbreaking tweet and revealed that the surgery he'll have to undergo today that will not only determine his health but also his ability to play video games in the future.

"Still in shock. Woke up crying knowing today’s surgery will determine if I’ll ever be able to play video games again." He wrote on Twitter. Following the shooting, his mother said that he was shot three times.

Pusha T sent his thoughts and prayers to Olarry as well as the other people who were harmed in the Madden Tournament shooting yesterday.

"My prayers go out to all the victims of the shooting at the Madden event in Jacksonville, we definitely aren’t gonna let this tragedy ruin our love for gaming." He wrote, " @oLARRY2K wishing u a speedy recovery, u sent good vibes my way a few days ago now it’s my turn to send them back."

Larry League responded back to Pusha T on Twitter. "Thanks Push, This Means More Than You Can Imagine," he replied to Push.

Earlier today, more news was revealed about the shooter. David Katz was identified as the suspect. While it hasn't been officially determined, police stated that Katz specifically targeted fellow gamers at the tournament.