Although he once claimed to be "so Chi" that you thought he was bashful, Kanye West isn't frequently thought of as a quintessential Chicago rapper, with his global fame often overshadowing his ties to his hometown. Mr. West is unarguably the most popular rapper to ever come out of the Windy City, but the regional term "Chicago rap" is more likely to be associated with Common and No I.D., or even younger dudes like Chief Keef at this point.

He's pushed at the boundaries of his city's sound since day one, but where Ye stays true to his roots is often in his search for new talent. We've seen this most recently in his work with Vic Mensa, but the SAVEMONEY rapper is just one of many Chi up-and-comers whose status Kanye has helped elevate with a co-sign. As we break down all of the young, Chicago-based talent Kanye has worked with (or signed to G.O.O.D. Music), you'll be able to see that Kanye's hometown loyalty goes far beyond attempts to preserve a sound-- he's more concerned with where his city's headed.