Days after issuing the initial warrant for his arrest, Q Money has been booked on murder charges stemming from an incident that took place in a Decatur, Georgia residence. The Cleveland-born rapper stands accused of "allegedly caused the death of Calvin Alexander Chappell by shooting him multiple times with a handgun on April 15," as per the DeKalb County Sheriff's Office who called for his arrest.

Prince Williams/Wireimage/Getty Images

The witnesses at the scene found Q Money née Qamar Williams standing over the victim before they had any inclination as to what happened. When the story went to press, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution omitted Chappell's name from the incidental report, in keeping with the procedure (over open case files). After consorting with the key witnesses, and deciding upon Q Money as the prime suspect in Chappell's death, the Sheriff's Office went public with all the keynote information associated with the case.

The incident report states that upon the discovery of the fatal incident, the victim's cousin and another individual (the witnesses) joined together in disarming Q Money. It was at this point, they overpowered the rapper, forcing him out of the residence, locking the door behind him. Up to now, Q Money's reps have refused to comment on the situation.