Megan Thee Stallion's debut album, Good News is set to arrive this Friday. It's been a long-time coming filled with plenty of highs and lows to look back on and we're sure a lot of it will be addressed this Friday. I mean, the project opens up with a song called, "Shots Fired" and plenty of people have already had an idea that it may have something to do with the shooting involving Tory Lanez (he pleaded not guilty in the case).

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Some might think that she'll release the album and ride it out for the next few years like Cardi did with Invasion Of Privacy. However, she has more in store. In an interview with RapRadar last year, Meg revealed that she and Q-Tip have been working together on a full-blown project. He'll be producing the album in its entirety and it sounds like it could be similar to his role on Danny Brown's Uknowhatimsayin?

"Q-Tip is an album thing," she told B. Dot and Elliot Wilson. 

"He got a vision for that," Elliot responded.

"Yeah, that's definitely a project that I'm going to take my time -- well, I take my time on all my projects -- but this one is gonna have like, songs songs. Like, more depth. So, I definitely want some OG production on there," she said.

With Meg's album just days away, B. Dot reposted that clip to his Twitter, tagging both Q-Tip and Megan Thee Stallion to find out the status of their collaborative effort. "Yo Q-Tip, you still on deck for Megan Thee Stallion album #GoodNews?" He tweeted.

Though Tip didn't confirm whether he had production on her forthcoming project, he confirmed that 2021 will be the year their collaborative effort sees the light of day. Check the clip below.