Quando Rondo is reportedly not under investigation in regards to King Von's shooting death this month, but he still remains wrapped up in headlines surrounding the incident.

Prior to King Von's fatal shooting, the rapper was reportedly involved in an altercation with Quando Rondo. The two former friends caught up to each other in the parking lot, as seen in security footage released from that night, with Von seemingly throwing a punch at the rapper. That's when all hell broke loose, creating a massive scuffle in the lot before shots were fired.

Quando has since spoken out about the situation, addressing it on his new song "End Of Story" and through statements to the media, in which he claims he feels "extremely bad" about the whole thing.

The Georgia-born rapper was set to perform a couple of shows mere days after the altercation, but they were canceled due to his "ongoing legal situation" according to the venue. Many users on social media theorized that Lil Durk had actually bought out all the tickets to the show, which forced them to cancel. That much remains speculative.

Despite everything that's been going on, Quando Rondo is ready to get back to work. He recently announced that he will be getting back to the club, performing his return show on Black Friday tomorrow night.

"Macon Ga This Friday," he wrote, revealing that he'll be back near Atlanta. "I Love That MaC .... #PullUp."

In the comments, people are tagging Lil Durk and asking him to take action. Quando's fans are also loudly supporting the rapper, assuring him that he'll get there, perform, and be out safely.

Do you think it's smart for Quando to return to the club scene right now?