Clubhouse has been sweeping the nation over the past few months and it easy to see why. The app is the perfect tool for those who are bored in quarantine as it allows for some massive calls with multiple people. Many in the entertainment industry have used the app as a way to connect with fans while also speaking with other artists on a public platform. It's proven to be a useful tool although it certainly has its downsides, and the format isn't for everyone.

Among those who aren't too fond of Clubhouse is none other than Quavo who recently took to Twitter to explain why he will never use the app. Simply put, there is just too much going on at once.

"I’m not doing clubhouse... I don’t want to be on a 54 way [call]," Quavo said matter-of-factly. His reasoning is pretty sound and hard to argue as it can be difficult to concentrate when so many people are speaking all at the same time. While the leader of a call can mute people, Clubhouse is known for getting pretty hectic.

At this point, it remains to be seen if Clubhouse will continue to be popular over the next few months, especially as people recognize the flaws with the app. Either way, it's already proven itself to be entertaining.


Amy Sussman/Getty Images