Quavo Features In German Rapper Ufo361's "VVS"

Brynjar Chapman
July 21, 2018 13:58

Quavo and Ufo361 rap through floating VVS diamonds.

It seems Americans involved in the hip-hop world are suddenly attracted to the German music scene. Just last week, Virgil Abloh released an EP with the German electronic artist Boys Noize and now Quavo, of all people, has teamed up with German rapper Ufo361 for "VVS."

Even though it comes from Berlin instead of Atlanta, the song is pretty classic Migos fare: trappy, melodic and dripping in Quavo's signature warbly autotune sound. The video, on the other hand, is where Ufo361 really comes through. The images are fragmented and discoloured, as if seen through broken coloured glass that floats around the screen, perhaps meant to look like VVS diamonds. There's also a woman lounging in a robe, spraying perfume on herself and at the camera. The whole thing feels decidedly outside of what we've come to expect from mainstream American rap. 

Maybe Quavo is hoping to make a "Desposito" style crossover hit to break onto the German music scene, if he hasn't already. 

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