Quavo may have just released his solo debut album but he's already hard at work on other projects. From the sounds of it, the man is always in the studio. Earlier today, he gave a few more hints about when we can expect to hear Takeoff's solo debut. A few days before that, he teased the release for Migos' next album as a group. Culture III will be releasing early next year but we will be hearing some new Quavo very soon. 

Friend and fan of LeBron James, Quavo has planned an original song to celebrate his first home game as a Laker. James' first regular season home game will be against the Houston Rockets on Saturday, October 20 but we already get to hear a portion of Quavo's new song today. This will be just the first of a series that Quality Control is planning with ESPN as their artists will contribute verses to a few different high-profile games this season. The Migos' DJ, DJ Durel, will be producing each of the songs along the way.

In the track, Quavo dons LeBron the "King of L.A." before saying that the Lakers are knocking on the championship's front door. The full song will air before the Rockets face off against the Lakers tomorrow on ESPN. Listen to the preview below.