Quavo and Travis Scott have been teasing a collaborative album for a very long time now. Every other day, it seems as the pair are in studio recording or overseeing the project; for better or worse, they often share footage of the sessions, simultaneously creating a wave of hype and frustration among eager fans. A few weeks ago, La Flame hit fans up with an Instagram update, sharing a snippet of a song alongside the age old adage "be patient." Prior to that, Scott claimed that the duo had recorded "20 tracks" together, which was well over the traditional album length. Either way, there's no doubt that the project is happening - it's simply a matter of when.

Today, Quavo has tweeted out an update: "All Files shipped off for Mixing," before signing off as HUNCHO JACK. Now, we'd previously seen Travis allude to the project being in the mixing stages on November 14th, which suggests that some tracks were being crafted on the fly. Either way, Quavo's latest update seems to convey a sense of finality. Now, that doesn't mean that the project will drop any day now; generally, mixing takes time, especially if there are twenty songs on the docket. Yet it does show that the board is set, and the pieces are moving.

An early 2018 release would make sense, especially considering the fact that MigosCulture 2 is set to drop in January. Following that up with a Travis / Quavo project in, say, March, would go a long way in cementing 2018 as another strong year for the Migos. Plus, Travis' long awaited Astroworld is still in the pipeline, and it wouldn't be surprising to see it drop either before or after this untitled collaborative project. Either way, it's good to know that all the songs have been selected and passed on to the engineer, who can proceed to make some sweet music.

Stay tuned for more on this project as it develops.