Quavo and Saweetie are still going strong two years later. It's a lovely relationship to watch, especially since this is a side of Quavo that hasn't really been shown publicly. They've made their way onto red carpets together, as well as other affairs. If the Met Gala went down this year, they probably would've been each other's dates.

Two years is a long time to be together. If you've been on social media at all in the past few days, you've probably seen couples you know sharing the first DM sent to each other along with a picture of themselves happily in love in the present time. Quavo decided to join in on the challenge, changing the title to "HOW I PULLED UP: HOW WE COMING." The first DM, you might ask? A snowflake emoji. Her response? An emoji of a bowl of noodles.

"u so icy Ima glacier boy," Quavo said in response and now, they're pretty much hip-hop's it couple. 

It is Quavo at the end of the day. If anyone can successfully pull off that pick-up line, it's him. He recounted the story during his and Saweetie's feature for GQ earlier this year where he also explained his initial reaction after coming across her Instagram page.

“I was like, ‘Damn! Who is this?’ So I did my research and I DM her. I was like, ‘How she going to call herself icy and she don't talk to me?’"

Valid question, Quavious.

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