Quavo can literally do everything. If there's something we can't exceed at, let us know because we're seriously drawing a blank. The Migos member is obviously a skilled artist considering the success he's experienced with his group and as a featured musician and he looks to extend his artistry with a solo album coming out this month. As we wait for Quavo Huncho to officially release, we're reminded of the rapper's proficiencies as an athlete with one simple video on his Instagram.

We all know Quavo can ball and he's also been proven to be a pretty outstanding football player. However, if we told you that he was also a skilled left-handed pitcher, would you believe it? Quavo took to his social media platforms to alert the Atlanta Braves and all of the MLB of his pitching prowess, throwing a perfect curveball to strike out an imaginary batter. The artist tagged his hometown team and the entire league in his caption, which actually prompted a response from the MLB, hitting him with a "We see you." Thinking of all that he's proven capable of doing, Quavo could very well be a superhuman as he can hang with the best of them creating melodies on the microphone as well as in a few different sports.

Is there anything that Quavo can't do? Let us know in the comments.