Although Quavo recently posed in devastatingly empty grocery store ails, it's safe to say he has enough food at his home in Atlanta. The amount of panic-buying that is happening around the world right now is insane, but celebrities are a different breed, and one could imagine that most celebrity homes are continuously stocked up on whatever groceries they f*cking want, with an infinite supply of them too -- or so it would seem whenever you get a glimpse of a celeb's pantry on Instagram.

Nonetheless, celebrities-- 'they're just like us'-- they, too, are sitting at home in self-isolation as we attempt to quell the constant rise of Coronavirus cases. Many have taken to social platforms like Instagram and TikTok to connect with fans virtually even more than usual, whether it be way of Live concerts or starting yet another hashtag-challenge. Some are using the time to go into album mode, while others, like Quavo, are using the time to brush up on their culinary skills.

Quavo quarantine covid-19

Amy Sussman/Getty Images

In his Instagram Stories last night, Quavo shows off a legitimate feast, all homemade by Huncho. There are corn muffins, there's macaroni and cheese ("real mac & cheese," he says), meanwhile green beans are boiling and fish is frying. He says, "if you think I didn't do it, call my mama." What do you think? Where's Saweetie at?

Are you guys cooking up in quarantine? Let us know what's been on the Quarantine menu in the comments. Clearly, I'm hungry.