Drake still has not responded to Pusha T's "The Story of Adidon" diss track and while the possibility of him remaining quiet seems more and more likely after J Prince made an "OG call" to him earlier, we are still crossing our fingers for an eventual reply. Initially, what made Drake snap was Pusha's assumption that his music was "written like Nas but it came from Quentin," bringing back the ghostwriter allegations that Meek Mill started years ago. Quentin has spoken out on the situation between Drizzy Drake and Push, correcting one of the 6 God's lyrics from the "Duppy" freestyle and releasing a few tracks of his own, including one where he addresses everything called the "Destiny Freestyle." 

He may seem adamant about making his voice heard as of late but he did not keep the same energy when approached by TMZ photographers. He possibly did not want his words to be twisted or manipulated against him, resulting in his silence on the matter when TMZ caught up with Quentin in Atlanta. Asking him who he thinks is going to come out on top of the beef, Q took a cue from Kanye West, preaching love and repeating, "I fuck with Drake, I fuck with Pusha T, I fuck with hip-hop." Understandably, his response is tame. However, most people following the feud are fans of both Pusha T and Drake, hoping the two would level up in unison to renew some of the classic diss bars we crave as hip-hop fans.

A Drake response is looking more and more unlikely as the days go by but there is still a chance for the Canadian rapper to strike back on his upcoming Scorpion LP.