Childish Gambino has a possible once in a lifetime opportunity at his hands. In a recent GQ feature, legendary Quincy Jones revealed that he hopes Childish, known as Donald Glover, would play him in a 10-part TV biopic.

Quincy, who has worked with Michael Jackson and Frank Sinatra to say the least, will be celebrating his 85th birthday in March and tells the publication that he's never been more busy leading up to his special day. "We're doing ten movies, six albums, four Broadway shows, two networks, business with the president of China, intellectual property. It's unbelievable, man," he explains. 

For his big year, Quincy will see a documentary on Netflix, a CBS special hosted by Oprah Winfrey, and a 10-part TV biopic - where he hopes Donald will lend his talents to. 

There's no official word on a release date for this possible biopic or if Donald has agreed to anything. Considering how busy Donald is with a new deal at RCA that's promised new music, Atlanta Robbin' Season dropping soon and Solo: A Star Wars Story in the works, it may be hard for the man of many talents to agree to another feature. 

Donald recently confirmed that his forthcoming album will be his last. He performed at the Grammy's this past weekend and told reporters that Childish Gambino will eventually see its ends. "I mean, I'm really appreciative of this, and I'm still making another project just right now...But I like endings," he said. "I think they're important for progress. I think like, if a lot of things had like "Death Clauses" in them, we wouldn't have a lot of problems in the world, to be honest. So I think endings are good cause they force things to get better."