While R.Kelly sits in jail, the controversy associated with his name keeps going. Jocelyn Savage, who is R. Kelly's girlfriend, has come forward stating that she was a victim of his abuse and controlling ways as well. She revealed private details of their relationship dynamic on her Patreon account but Lisa Van Allen is not buying it. Van Allen is one of R. Kelly's accusers from Surviving R. Kelly and shes claims that there are holes in Savage's story.

R. Kelly
Antonio Perez/Getty Images

Lisa isn't convinced that Jocelyn is telling the whole truth. On TMZ Live, Lisa said that "Rob doesn't use condoms", which Savage claims they did. She also says she has never heard of him forcing women to call him "master" and is confused as to who "let" Savage speak. In Van Allen's opinion, she is "not all that really convinced that it is her." She states that at the beginning she was happy for Jocelyn for speaking out but after reading the chapters she shared on her Patreon she wasn't certain.

Lisa Van Allen also stated that she was not happy with Lifetime for how they are approaching the 4-hour long follow-up series to "Surviving R. Kelly." Lisa stated that it was not focused on "healing" or "raising awareness," which she believes it should be. Time will tell how this is going to play out for all parties involved.