After a phone tap produced nothing of consequence, R. Kelly has gone to great lengths to quash allegations he orchestrated a sex ring. The accuser Joycelyn Savage, was 19 at the time her and R. Kelly had consummated a relationship, their ages some 30 years apart. R. Kelly is now telling TMZ that the allegations are nothing more than a "money grab."

In the past few days, Joycelyn Savage, now 20, seems to have distanced herself from that narrative. According to Joycelyn and R. Kelly, the young woman is being used as a go-between by her father Timothy, who was hell bent on breaking the couple up. According to R. Kelly, when Timothy's initial efforts to cause a split proved fruitless, he resorted to the "false narrative" of a sex cult, in order to create dissension. The 51 year old singer also claims that Joycelyn's father also resorted to monetary demands when those pleas fell on deaf ears.

R. Kelly also contends that Joycelyn's mother also got in on the alleged "extortion" scheme, growing frustrated when her daughter's dresses were not being worn by the singer's backup dancers while on tour. Apparently, Joycelyn has been trying to get a clothing boutique off the ground for some time now. These added dimensions in the case should create a second wave of examination, R. Kelly's questionable background with minors notwithstanding.