It sucks to be R. Kelly these days, am I right? The embattled singer's facing federal charges over his alleged sexual interactions with underage females. Although he's maintained his innocence, prosecutors say they have an overwhelming amount of evidence proving otherwise. However, that's not the only legal matter that's troubling him. Kelly was previously sued by a Mississippi sheriff on claims that the singer ruined his marriage. Although things in the case have been stagnant due to Kelly's incarceration, the man suing him does not give a sh*t.

 Antonio Perez - Pool via Getty Images

According to The Blast, Kenny Bryant has requested the judge grant him a default judgment in the latest documents filed to the court. Bryant said that he's been waiting long enough for Kelly or his companies to respond. Since it's unlikely that they'll end up actually going to court any time soon, considering Kelly's situation, Bryant told the judge that he should be awarded the damages and settle the case once and for all.

The lawsuit goes back to 2017 before Kelly's allegations resurfaced. Bryant was married to Asia Childress and said he was aware about her former relationship with Kelly. However, it was a few months after their marriage when things started to get rough. She allegedly started to have an extramarital affair with the singer after going to his concert and rekindling their relationship. Bryant claimed that he went through emotional, psychological, and financial loss over the affair and sued Kelly -- because you can in Mississippi -- for ruining his marriage.

A judge has yet to rule on his request for a default judgment.