R. Kelly has been the subject of a media circus for months and after the award-winning Lifetime documentary aired exploring his history of sexual abuse and misconduct, many of his former fans turned on him. Kelly's alleged crimes had been cast in the shadows for too long and finally, he was being called out for all the terrible things he's allegedly done to young girls. Last week, Kelly was arrested again on new sexual misconduct charges and there is an even stronger possibility that he will be locked up for a long time. With that news, it was reported by some outlets that his "girlfriends" Azriel Clary and Joycelyn Savage, who have been referred to as his "sex slaves" throughout this scandal, were evicted from the singer's Trump Tower condo. They decided to take to the internet to prove that they are, in fact, still cooped up in his apartment and living large.

Scott Olson/Getty Images

Joycelyn and Azriel, aged 23 and 21 respectively, have proven that they are still living in R. Kelly's home, posting a new video from his pad where they address the media and his fans. "We actually just read an article saying that we were evicted from the Trump [Tower] and saying that we were under emergency living and all kinds of stuff like that. We just wanted to let you guys know that that is not true," said Azriel Clary. "We are here. We are at the Trump," she continued before showing off their stunning view of Chicago. 

Joycelyn Savage's parents interrupted a press conference given by Kelly's publicist last week, demanding to know where their daughter was. They have been very vocal in trying to save their little girl throughout this mess.