R. Kelly is no stranger to the controversy and despite the heinous allegations he's faced over his career, he's still managed to prosper in his career with a smile on his face. However, there always seems to be more stories that emerge every time he dodges a bullet. Most recently, the singer allegedly gave an STD to a sexual assault victim. This came shortly after he was accused of training a fourteen year old girl into being his sex pet. His daughter recently chimed in on the situation and it's clear that she doesn't endorse anything her father's being accused of.

Joann Kelly a.k.a Buku was recently approached by TMZ in Atlanta earlier today where she spoke on the accusations against her father. For Buku, it's clear that the scenario is weighing heavy on her as she admitted she doesn't speak about the allegations against R. Kelly too much.

"Honestly, I don't have much of a comment. It's very close to my heart. It's hard because it's family matters, you know?" She explained. "Overall, it's hard. I try not to speak about it too much. It is what it is. I feel terrible."

She was later  asked whether she was close with her father. She said that despite everything, they're still family and they're going to "deal with each other."

R. Kelly's current allegations have been the final straw for many people on his team. Last week, his attorney, publicist and assistant quit on Kelly in wake of the sexual misconduct allegations. 

Peep his Joann Kelly's interview below.